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Each entrepreneur should enjoy equal conditions for his or her business activities. Nobody should be favored or disadvantaged in comparison with others. State authorities should not determine which sectors or entrepreneurs will be successful or those who will not. This stall be decided solely by fair competition.


Through their measures, state authorities should intervene to the minimum extent possible in business activities. No business activity should be prevented or restricted by artificial administrative obstacles.


In particular, sound development of the economy requires that nobody – neither the State nor autonomous organizations – impede new entities from starting their business activities. It is also necessary to ensure that the economy is able to remove in a timely manner those entities that are unsuccessful, i.e. the existence of a functioning, effective and timely system for bankruptcy.


Contractual relations are the basis of a market economy. The economy can only develop soundly if all economic players can enter contractual relations freely and without restrictions. The laws and other provision of the state authorities should restrict to the least extent possible the freedom of contractual relations established under private law.


The economy can only develop soundly if state authorities do not draw financial sources unduly. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the rate of allocation through public funds is reduced and permanently maintained at a low level. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the use and management of all elements of public funds by public authorities is reliable and balanced in order not to burden.


State authorities should create an environment that is favorable for business activities through fair competition rules. If the States enters, either directly or indirectly, the competition as a competitor, it naturally inclines to adapt and change the rules in its favour. Therefore, there should be the privatization of state property to the maximum possible extent.


Contractual relations are the basis of a market economy. It is not possible to perform business activity if there is no efficient system for the enforcement of obligations arising from such relations. Therefore, it is necessary to improve law enforcement, improve the functionality of the judicial system, as well as systems for out-of-court dispute settlements.


Business activity means everyday decision-making taking into account all known and unforeseeable circumstances, i.e. both existing and future legislation. For each business activity, it is important to ensure that the legislative environment is as stable as possible and that its future development is conceptual and foreseeable.


It is necessary to take into account all the above-mentioned principles when transposing EU legislation into Slovak law. When transposing EU legal regulations, it is possible, as a general rule, to proceed freely to a certain extent and apply some variants. EU legislation should therefore be transposed in such a way that the above-mentioned principles are observed as far as possible.